Chiefs streak continues – match report by Neil Wheatley

Chiefs streak continues. – match report by Neil Wheatley. October 30th 2012.

In a match noteworthy for the large number of netcord points and a tight finish to the opening game of almost every set, Chiefs preserved their winning record with an 8-2 defeat of Falcons. Top man for Chiefs this week, was Sam Henderson, keen to preserve his status as Colebridge’s 2nd place ranked junior, and doing so with 3 closely fought straight game wins, highlighted by late comebacks in the opening two games of his match against Mahroof Hussain and in the last two against Frank Cotter.

Mahroof was arguably Falcons’ best player. In the evening’s second match, he put his team on the scoreboard, with a 3-0 defeat of Mike Credland, following two close games with  a resounding 11-1 final game, and was unlucky not to take more than one game off Neil Wheatley

Frank Cotter was not far behind and he gained Falcons’ second win with his steady defending, helped by a modicum of Irish luck with netcord points at crucial times, which proved too much for Neil’s attempts to hit him off.

Sadly, an out of form John Overton could offer little help, having to be content with the one game he managed to take off Neil.

So Chiefs, with their 3 players each having recorded 9 wins from their 4 matches, maintain their position at the top of Division 2, but with matches against Dinosaurs, Eagles and Bournville, all of whom are fellow title contenders, to come, they will need to be at their best in order to stay there.