A convocation of Eagles

Smithereens/Eagles Match Report , October 30th.

Arriving at the headquarters of Darlaston Table Tennis at 19.20 , after a fifty minute journey from the other side of the metropolis via the notorious mobile car park that constitutes a high speed (sic) transport vehicle delivery system in this second city of ours , is not the ideal preparation for a table tennis match. However , some sympathy must be extended to Smithereens ,who have to make the journey , in reverse , six times this season ; to play at Colebridge.

Despite this , Eagles made a winning start against Smiths , Mike Evetts beating Kevin Flavell in four and Bernard Oliver managing the same. The cards natural order was put to one side , as Kevin had to leave early for family reasons. Kevins’ evening was not without reward , as he beat John Swinburne in three sets before departing.

Best performance of the evening undoubtedly belonged to Bernard Oliver, beating Dave Whittingslow in five sets , after recovering a two set deficit. Mike Evetts however could not overcome the unconventional penholder stylings of Mr Whittingslow , falling to a five set defeat.

With the match score at 6-2 to Eagles advantage , hopes were raised of a four point victory , once again though , Eagles dominance in the singles events could not be translated into a successful doubles partnership , Bernard Oliver and John Swinburne falling in straight sets against Dave Whittingslow and Association Chairman Steve Smith – Mr. Smiths only success of the evening.

A good three point away win for the Eagles , and another splendid treble for The Rotty , keeps The Eagles in contention toward the top of Division Two.