Colebridge top tier tussle

Colebridge Aces played clubmates Colebridge Braves in Leamington Division One this week.

With Alan Hewitt nursing a bruised patella, Micky Browne stepped into the Aces team, alongside Ian Ferguson and Colebridges leading lady Kate Hughes.

A well attended Colebridge , with Mr and Mrs Bernard Oliver spectating ( who may well be Colebridges most frequent visitor during the winter months ) together with Mr Kesh Parmar , saw Aces continue their unblemished start to the Winter campaign.

The Braves team fielded John Chandler, Vikas Bahkshi and Michael Rinnhofer.

The match score ended 10-0 to the Aces, with Fergie winning all three singles and demonstrated his ability to defy the years with a ” perfect ” evening , not dropping a set.

Kate succeeded in matching  this despite one close set against John, in addition to having a certain slice of good fortune against Mike Rinnhofer.

 After a slow start, and nurturing a slight injury himself, Mike Browne produced some very good table tennis, and triumphed against powerful top spinner Mike Rinnhofer. 

The doubles match for the Aces was less emphatic, Kate relying on partner Fergusons ability to strike winners , dropping a set , and winning in four.

A resounding success for the Aces , who continue to lead the way in Leamington , and some consolation for Braves in the knowledge they will face easier matches this season.