Eagles addled

Colebridge Eagles 5 , Colebridge Dinosaurs 5 (Tuesday October 2nd)

A packed Colebridge ( Mr. Colebridge , Micky Walsh and Mrs Bernard Oliver spectating)  saw two of Colebridges’ six Division Two teams play out an enthralling draw at The Theatre Of Dreams yesterday evening.

Home team Eagles Mike Evetts was first up , playing former team mate Brian Morris , of Dinosaurs. A 3-0 win for Evetts belies the closely fought nature of the contest.

Next was Bernard Oliver against Colebridge newcomer Dan Ranford , and this really was a classic hard hitting encounter , it went to the wire , The Rotty being 10-8 down in the fifth , only to fight back with characteristic volubility , to take the match 12-10.

Dean Hicks was coming to terms with a new set up , and was not happy playing against Jim Connors back hand variety of chop and attack , and went down in four sets.

The match seemed to swing in Eagles favour , though critically Oliver and Evetts were beaten comprehensively in the doubles , but with Eagles at 5-3 up, with two to play , the avians were aspirational for a win.

It was not to be though , as legal Eagle Dean Hicks fell in five to back hand specialist Brian Morris , and Dan Ranford , with the impetus on his side , overwhelmed Evetts in three straight games to secure two points for the away team.

A late finish , the pubs were closed , and post match inquests/celebrations had to be postponed for next time.