Eagles basted

Bournville B, 8 , Colebridge Eagles, 2 . (Tuesday October 9th)

Any hopes Colebridge Eagles may have had of a positive return from one of their rare forays into the wilds of Birmingham suburbia were firmly ousted last night , at Bournvilles’ new multi-table venue in South Birmingham – Northfield YMCA.

Eagles returned  at the wrong end of an 8-2 thrashing , although , as ever with these score lines , there is a flip side to the cold, grey statistics.

Mike Evetts managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory , after having a match point against Martin George , only to see the score line swing in the home players favour , losing in the fifth. 

Similarly , both Bernard ” Rottweiler ” Oliver , and John Swinburne were both at the wrong end of five set defeats. 

The doubles also saw a see-saw match , with Colebridge once again unlucky to lose 18-16 in the fourth set. 

Congratulations though to Bournville , for whom Martin George , Tim Freeman and Martin Clayton will definitely feature in the final tally for promotion at the end of the season , should they maintain this fine early season form.