Warwickshire Veteran 1st and 2nd Teams County Championships Report

The Warwickshire Veteran 1st and 2nd teams started their County Championship Division 1A matches on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December at Woodfield TTC in Wolverhampton.

Veteran 1st Team

Adrian Pilgrim, Ryan Stockham, Ben Willson, and Debbie Barrow.

  • South Yorkshire: Draw 5-5
  • Lincolnshire: Win 7-3
  • Derbyshire: Draw 5-5
  • Yorkshire 2: Win 6-4

Currently in 3rd place.

Veteran 2nd Team

Tony West, Mark Jackson, Mark Rose (Saturday only), Steve Bertie (Sunday only), and Dawn Sagoo.

Yorkshire 2: Loss 4-6
Lincolnshire: Win 6-4
Derbyshire: Loss 2-8
South Yorkshire: Loss 3-7

Currently in 7th place.

The second round of matches take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th January, again at Woodfield TTC. Good luck to both teams.