Warwickshire Junior 2nd Team County Championships Report

The Warwickshire Junior 2nd team took part in their County Championships Division 2B matches on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2023 at Okehampton TTC, in Devon.

The team was; Elkan Fung, Aarif Li, Daniel Stone, Agnes Liu, and Monica Chang. This is the first time the county had entered a second junior team.

The team had an amazing weekend, demolishing their opponents in all matches, finishing top of the division with 6 wins! This will secure promotion to division 1 for the 2024-25 season.

 Results:

  • Somerset: 10-0 Win
  • Avon: 10-0 Win
  • Worcestershire: 10-0
  • Gloucestershire: 9-1 Win
  • Devonshire 2: 10-0 Win
  • Cornwall: 10-0 Win

Player Averages:

  • Elkan Fung: 12/12
  • Aarif Li: 12/12
  • Daniel Stone: 11/12
  • Agnes Liu: 9/9
  • Monica Chang: 9/9

Congratulations to all the players involved, along with Ian Scott who attended as the captain and coach, and all the parents for taking the players to Devon for this weekend!