2-A-Side Bubble League at Colebridge

Entries are now open for our 2-a-side league; entry is available to all clubs.

Entry deadline 18/10/2020
Team Cost £20.00 (£10 for Colebridge Teams)

How will it work?
• The format is designed to offer some competitive table tennis in Birmingham this season whilst remaining within current TTE and government Covid restrictions.
• Match nights will be Tuesdays and Thursdays so you should only enter if you are available on those evenings. At this stage we cannot be sure which divisions will play on which evenings, this will depend on the level of interest.
• We hope to offer up-to 4 divisions of 7 teams in each division. With 2 divisions playing before Christmas and 2 after.
• A match night will consist of 3 teams sharing 2 rooms (1 table in each room) at Colebridge. Each team will play the two other teams so each player will have a busy night of 4 best of 5 matches, when a player is not playing, they will be umpiring. This format ensures a bubble of 6 players on one evening with plenty of space for social distancing.
• Each team will play each other once, points will be awarded according to the match score so a team winning 4-0 will be awarded 4 points and so on.
• Strict protocols for Covid safety are in place at Colebridge and all those measures must be followed by all players (details on request).
• We are hoping to start two divisions as early as the end of this month or the first week in November so please get your entries in soon.
• If the league must be cancelled because of lock-downs or changes in Covid policy teams will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining matches.
• Cancellations and postponements will not be allowed so you may wish to enter a squad of players.
• Entry deadline 18/10/2020
• Team Cost £20.00 (£10 for Colebridge Teams)

Any other rules will be determined by the most recent B&SDTTA handbook.