Birmingham League Completed – Colebridge Champs

The Birmingham league committee have decided to complete the 2019/2020 Winter league using the average points gained per matches played system, all divisions are now complete and updated on the Birmingham League Website.

Congratulations to Colebridge A. (Paul Lenormand, Ed Lynn, Hawley Ellicott and Ben Willson) on winning the premier league against tough opposition and Colebridge G. (Jan Stochlinski, Darius Mrowinski, Adam Stochlinski, Jason Rainey and David Flynn) on winning promotion to Division 1.


  • Colebridge A. 1st
  • Colebridge B. 8th

Div. 1

  • Colebridge C. 4th
  • Colebridge D. 8th

Div. 2

  • Colebridge G. 1st
  • Colebridge F. 3rd
  • Colebridge H. 9th

Div. 4

Colebridge I. 3rd

More results available here.