The Big Bash At Barnt Green


The previous encounter at Colebridge was a keenly contested match that ended in a draw, so perhaps it was inevitable that the return fixture would follow a similar pattern – and so it proved.

It began with a thrilling ‘slogfest’ between Craig Allen and Awais Muhammed, the scores – 9-11, 11-9, 15-17, 9-11 in favour of Awais showing just how hard the Division’s leading individual had to work for his victory. Awais went on to defeat Russell Duncan and Pat McCabe, dropping just one game – against the latter.

Rod Lewis, badly short of practice, repeated his victory over Pat, but this time, it took all five games. Rod then edged out Russell, but was no match for the agile Allen..

Neil Wheatley expected his defensive skills to be of limited use in the narrow confines of Barnt Green’s basement and only occasionally troubled Craig and Russell, but he did surprise Pat with some effective counter-hitting taking a 2-1 lead, before the veteran home defender returned to what he does best to secure victory.

As before, the match ended with a doubles victory for the Allen/Duncan partnership and everyone adjourned to the bar to celebrate what all agreed was an enjoyable match and a fair result.