Shottery A 6 Colebridge Pasties 4

Alderminster is a small rural village four miles south of Stratford upon Avon , boasting a population of 494 it’s not the first place you would think of in which to watch a good quality, local league table tennis match on a foggy January evening. 

That’s precisely what Alderminster Village Hall hosted yesterday (January 10th) as joint title holders Shottery A entertained Colebridge Pasties in the Stratford table tennis league. 

As might be expected the participants in this contest hailed from an extended area. Shotterys’ leading light , 17 year old Craig Witheford , travelled from Littleton with veteran Pasty defender John Taylor , who is also his Littleton Cubs team mate, in the Evesham League.

From even further afield came Sam Henderson , who drove from Leicester University with his partner, to play for the visitors. 

Tom Shortley , an established Bromsgrove Division One player, completed the Pasty trio.  

On Shottery As roster were regulars Gary Stewart , time-served Chairman of the Stratford league , and left handed Stephen Foster, unorthodox and using pips on both sides of a defensive blade. 

Craig ensured Shottery ended the night with the lions share of the points by merit of his hat trick ,a polished and well drilled display from the unassuming teenager which only looked seriously threatened by Sam , to whom he dropped a set.  Tom , under pressure from the start , dropped too many points on foul serves and could not mount a credible challenge. 

Gary bagged a brace , beating both Tom and John in straight sets , however he met his match in Sam ,losing in four.

Sam and Tom paired well in the doubles , Sam is a former Warwickshire Doubles Champion , and he has real flair for being in the right place at the right time , with the right shot.  Nonetheless it was a five set affair , including an epic 15-17 second set , before the Craig/Gary partnership ran out of steam a little in the fifth end. 

The Pasties , and their guests , were very well entertained , with the most lavish selection of chocolate biscuits ever seen at a table tennis match ( Tim Fell take note ) and multiple servings of hot tea , very welcome on a cold evening. Many thanks.