East Midlands 4 Star

Report by Ed Lynn  – East Midlands 4 star   

Today ( January 7th) Lisa Rinnhofer had some valuable wins over 3 top 50 players including England no.14 Sophie Barlow. Lisa lost in the last 16 to England no.11 Sarah Menghistab. Lisa will improve upon this as Sarah’s style proved too consistent on the day. Lisa also battled well until eventually losing out in the quarters of the junior banded event.

Hawley Ellicott also made the quarters of the banded event and the last 16 of the juniors. Hawley won his group convincingly, he beat England no.64 Ben McDonald in the last 16 of the banded event and in the last 8 lost to England 53 Jack Stockdale who played very well and above his ranking. In the juniors he had a couple of very tough games to include England no.19 Jamie Liu – a great prospect. Overall he had a good day and will improve.

Yesterday, Nathaniel Saunders did well getting to all 3 knockout stages in his competitions beating England no.23 cadet Daniel Hearne-Potton and was top of both his cadet groups. He eventually lost out in the last 16 in the u13,s and Cadets banded event.

Also yesterday, Sophie Rinnhofer had a tough start in the banded cadet event although in the open beat England no.19 Helena Dicken and England no.40 Erin Richards to get through her group but then lost to England no.8 Anaya Patel.

Colebridge and the WM region has been served well yet again and I was very pleased to be there to watch and support today.

There were other great performances from Kirsty Maull to mention and more news will follow…

Well done all.