Colebridge Successes Continue

This weekend (week 3) in the National Cadet League/National Junior League, both teams of Colebridge youngsters  remained unbeaten.

After encouraging progress made by Hawley Ellicott (13) in our advanced session on a Saturday , to which he has only been promoted recently, he rewarded our confidence , winning 7 out of 8  in Division 2.

Lisa Rinnhofer (14) won 10 out of 10. Aaryan Deshpande (11) won 3 out of 4, and Ben Furey (14) won 2 out of 6.

Our A team are currently top of Division 2, and in a strong position to win this section.

Our B team have done very well to top Division 3.

Sophie Rinnhofer , at the precocious age of just ten, led the way with 9 wins out of ten.

 New Colebridge member Jake Crawshaw (13) was unbeaten on his debut. In NCL/NJL this is a rare achievement.  He was  drafted  into the early advanced session as soon as he joined the club, and with only two sessions at Colebridge under his belt he was considered ready for promotion to competitive play . A great prospect , with four wins out of four.

Amir Van Eelkelen (13) is starting to improve and won nearly all of his games, 8/10. 

Saif-Mohammed Aslam (13) won 3/6 and also played a vital part.

Next season, Hawley, Aaryan, Sophie, Jake, and another dozen young prospects at Colebridge will still be cadets!

Half a dozen 10 and 11 year old’s are currently playing at Colebridge, and are waiting in line to follow in the footsteps of these promising young players.

Head Coach Ed Lynn reports that he is very proud of his charges and their achievements.

Their prowess at the table is evident in their results , but perhaps more importantly the way they conducted themselves away from the table was exemplary.  They are a credit to themselves and their club.