Some archive pictures from Neil

Colebridge was for many years primarily a Boys Club , with table tennis being one of the many activities on offer. Roy Prosser was Leader for more of these years than he may care to own too, and it was on a camping expedition he was leading that this picture was taken. 
Dean Hicks with the members of Dutch club Heen-en Veer, who we entertained in February 2010.
National Junior League West Midlands champions 2009-10 Colebridge Aces – l.-r Amann Ubhi, Neil Wheatley (team manager & coach), Lee Holtham & Rajinder Davsi. Amann was also the Individual winner.
Winners and runners up in the 2011 WCYP championships. The 5 Colebridge members are  r-l Luke Taylor (U19 r/up), Todd Marshall (U12 wnr), Lee Holtham (U19 wnr), Alex Nunnington (U16 wnr) and Luke Perrins (U16 r/up).
National Junior League West Midlands team members 2010-2011 l-r Luke Perrins (Braves), Luke Taylor (Braves), Amit Ubhi (Aces), Alex Nunnington (Braves), Ian Anson (Aces). Lee Holtham also represented Aces, who, once again, were Division 1 champions.
Amann Ubhi being presented in July 2011 with a certificate acknowledging his winning of the NCYP under 19 National Championship for the third year in succession – a club and national record.
Desmond Douglas – Colebridge’s most celebrated ex-member.
Old Colebridge – Steve Bertie serving (in the correct manner) with Andy Cockerill receiving. The way we were. Are those windows!?