AGM 2013

A humid Colebridge Table Tennis Club hosted their 2013 AGM on Friday evening ( July 12th. )/ A well attended meeting saw Lorely Burt in attendance, together with Colebridge’s most celebrated son, Desmond Douglas.

Concern was raised at the progress being made in the refurbishment of Colebridges’ infrastructure, an application has been submitted to Sport England, and their decision is awaited.

All officers and committee members were re-elected, with two exceptions; Neil Wheatley, who is retiring as Honorary Secretary in November. Mike Howells and Roy Prosser are to divide his duties and take up the reins.

Ian Ferguson is standing down as Coaching Liaison officer, to be replaced by Kate Hughes. Ben Willson and John Overton were also elected onto the committee.

For many, the highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the Club Honours Boards.

Des Douglas made a quietly inspirational speech before unveiling the Players Board, on which his is the first name, in which he outlined his belief that he was not the most naturally talented player of his generation, and any success he enjoyed was the result of hard work and application.

Neil Wheatley then accepted a gift and card from Colebridge members before unveiling the Members Board, on which his name appears, for his many years devoted service to the Colebridge cause.

Its worth remembering that without men and women of Neil Wheatleys ilk , there would be no table tennis clubs in which players of Desmond Douglas and Ian Fergusons calibre , whose name also features on the Players Board , could express their flair and ability.

The meeting resumed and agreement was reached on implementing a 5% increase in Full Member subscription fees and to enforce the use of attendance registers for ETTA scrutiny and to comply with insurance requirements. The Honorary Secretary reminded us that all accidents should be reported promptly , however incidental they may appear. Club President Inky ” Stephen ” Moss made an impassioned plea for more umpires in the Warwickshire region and reminded us of our responsibilities under the Code of Conduct, and the serving rule.

The meeting closed a little after 22.00.