Warwickshire Cadet 1st Team – Finish in 3rd place in the Premier Division!

The Warwickshire Cadet 1st Team took part in the County Championships Premier Division on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2024 at Wood Green TTC, Wednesbury.

Warwickshire Cadet 1st Team Feb 2024

The team members were Rex Ho, Zain Hussain, Brian Wan, Hassan Damji (1 day), Monica Chang, Charlotte Wong, and Mia Chan (1 day). It was excellent experience for all members of the team, playing in the top division of the Cadet County Championships, against some of the strongest Under 15 players in the country. The team achieved four wins, one draw and two losses, finishing in third place behind Essex and Middlesex.

  • Cheshire: Win 10-0
  • Surrey: Win 6-4
  • Lancashire: Win 8-2
  • Derbyshire: Win 7-3
  • Sussex: Draw: 5-5
  • Essex: Loss 3-7
  • Middlesex: Loss 3-7

The individual player averages were:

  •  Rex Ho: 7/12
  •  Zain Hussain: 8/12
  •  Brian Wan: 8/11
  •  Hassan Damji: 2/5
  •  Monica Chang: 8/13
  •  Charlotte Wong: 5/9
  •  Mia Chan: 0/4

Well done to the players, several of whom remain eligible to play Cadet events next season. Finally, thank you to Kate and Ian for coaching throughout the weekend, as well as all the parents for their support and encouragement.