Club Closing for Roof Works

The club is scheduled to be closed 27th August 2023 – 2nd October 2023 9th October 2023 16th October 17th October (ish) for the scheduled building works. Thanks for your understanding.

Any updates to this scheduled will be posted here.


We are open!


Internal works are complete, the floor in room 1 is drying but will not be ready for play until Wednesday. Room 2 is useable so the Tuesday over 50’s session can go ahead but only in Room 2. The Tuesday night league match has also been moved to Room 2. Full schedule and table bookings resume on Wednesday.


As of today we are very close to completion but there is still a little work to do in room one. Floor varnishing in room 1 has now been scheduled for Monday, that will need to dry so the club should be useable Tuesday 17th (trusting there are no more surprises).


The decorating is underway and the fascia is still to be done. Revised opening estimate 16th October.


The roof works continue and electrical works have begun. There have been a few delays, mostly weather related, at this stage we are targeting 9th October for re-opening.


Roof works have begun
Roof Removal 30/08/23
Roof works beginning


Prior to closing (27/08/23), all lost property will be donated to charity if not claimed before Friday 25th August.


No further updates at this time.