Junior British League report

Junior British League… Velodrome – Derby Arena… 

Our A team, Hawley Ellicott (right) , Felix Thomis and Marcus Holba (left) are top of division 2b by 2 points. Marcus playing at no. 3 from Gloucestershire won 9 out of 10 and is a contender to win the averages. We won 3 matches 6-0 and all three players played some great table tennis beating teams from premier clubs/academies like Greenhouse in London. 

Our B team, Nathaniel Saunders (second left), Ben Rycroft Stanley (2nd right), Jake Crawshaw (right), Henry Belcher(left). They lost their first game 6-0 and lost 4 of the 6 matches in 5. Rather green and not used to the biggest stage in British junior Table tennis. They are currently bottom of division 4b although Nathaniel has another 5 years in this event, Ben and Henry also with another 2 years to go after this as juniors so lots of room for improvement. After losing 5 matches they managed to beat a useful team from Northern Ireland 5-1. They were currently in 2nd place so our next weekend in February will be very interesting.