County Senior 2 Report by Kate Hughes

Warwickshire Senior 2

The Warwickshire Senior 2nd County Team began their 208-19 campaign in Division 2A on Saturday 3rd November, with three rounds of matches taking place at St Neots Table Tennis Centre in Cambridge.

The players selected were Ben Willson, Ryan Lines, Mark Jackson, Charlotte Spencer and Olivia Fletcher. Inky Moss travelled as the umpire for the Warwickshire team.

V Cambridge 2nd team: won 7-3

An excellent start for the Warwickshire team, with two wins for Ryan Lines, Charlotte Spencer and Olivia Fletcher, and a single win for Ben Willson. Mark Jackson was unfortunate to lose both matches in 4 ends, whilst Willson lost to the Cambridge 2nd number 1 player 9-11 in the 5 th set. Charlotte fought back from 1-2 down to beat veteran player Carrie Cope in the 5 th set.

V Staffordshire: won 8-2

Another great result for the Bears, winning 8-2. Stephen Ward (Staffordshire’snumber 1); won both matches for the opposing team, beating Willson 3-0, and Lines 3-2. However, there were a few close matches along the way. Both Spencer and Fletcher went to the deciding set to beat Amillia Baker, in addition to Jackson beating Nick Gilmour 3-2.

V Worcestershire: lost 4-6

It was a long day for the Warwickshire team, whose 3 rd round opponents were local rivals Worcestershire; a match which didn’t start until after 6.30pm. Worcestershire stalwart Steve Horton beat Lines 3-1, and Jackson 3-2. Similarly, Svilen Andreev won two five set matches against Jackson and Willson. Charlotte maintained her 100% record for the day, beating over 70s England International Margaret Dignum 3-0, and Worcestershire number 1 Barbara Szeligowska 3-2. Fletcher also beat Dignum 3-0. Ben Willson demolished top 15 Veteran player Jason Thompson 3-0. Ryan Lines lost out in another 5 set battle against Thompson to give the Worcestershire team the win.

Individual averages:

Ben Willson 3/6

Ryan Lines 3/6

Mark Jackson 2/6

Charlotte Spencer 6/6

Olivia Fletcher 5/6

Well done to the players for an excellent start to the 2018-19 season.