Bats broken at The Bank as Tomahawks run riot

Astwood Bank 1 – Colebridge Tomahawks 9

Tomahawk’s first ever visit to the homely Astwood Bank venue on Wednesday, produced an identical result to the previous match at Colebridge – a 9-1 win for Tomahawks.

As usual Awais Muhammed and Rod Lewis swept all before them, although Rod did drop one game against Dave Wood. Bank’s single came from Margaret Dignum, whose well practiced short game allowed her to get the better of 5 games against Neil Wheatley, despite losing one 11-0. Neil had previously gained revenge against Dave, who had beaten him at Colebridge, although that set too went the distance.

The match did throw up one unusual incident which might make Nigel Anson wary of future encounters with Tomahawks. The breakage of his bat after his first set, when a team mate sat on it accidentally, no doubt reminded him that, in the previous match, he arrived at Colebridge without one!