Dented Tomahawks as Barnt Green tilt at title

Match report by Neil Wheatley.


Barnt Green returned to the top of the Division with a hard fought win over Tomahawks, reversing the result in their previous encounter. The number 3 must be Awais Muhammeds unlucky number, because all three visitors seemed determined to dent his quest for the individual title, each winning the third game in each set. Awais managed to fight off the challenges from Jerzy Kucharek and Jack Zhao, but after taking a 2-0 lead against Yuking Shen, he slipped to his first defeat by losing the next 3 games.

Rod Lewis’s physical problems are making it hard for him to maintain his early season form and he was able to win just one game in his encounters with Jack and Jerzy, but he rallied against Yuking to win 3-1.

As usual, veteran John Overton tried hard to match the speed around the table of his younger opponents, but one game off Yuking in his 3 defeats, was all that he could manage.

The final doubles was a repeat of the previous close encounter in every aspect except the result, Barnt Green’s Chinese duo winning 3-2 this time.