Awais – Mr 100 per cent

West Midlands Phones v Colebridge Tomahawks

After experiencing the generally fast conditions in all of this season’s matches previously, it was something of a surprise to Tomahawks when, this week, they encountered West Midlands Phones in their splendidly carpeted Olton Scout Hut. The home team were missing Helen Adams but found an excellent replacement in the form of Mo Sadiqi, whose unusual style and wicked side spin services, troubled all three visitors.

The match opened with Awais losing the first game to Karl Manning 11-4, but any chance of a major shock was soon dismissed with the Awais’s speed and control keeping him just ahead in the next three. A similar pattern followed against Sadiqi but neither he nor Roger Ellerington ever looked like spoiling Awais’s record.

However for Neil and John, results did not go so well. Neil was always in control against Roger but lost to Karl in five and Mo in four. Sadly John failed to come to terms with the conditions and lost all three and it was left to Awais and Neil to secure the draw with a straight sets doubles victory.

Special praise to the home team for a good match and splendid hospitality.