National Cadet and Junior League Update

National Cadet/Junior League Update – report by Ed Lynn.

National Junior League
Colebridge A in national junior league unbeaten, B team won 2 lost 1. C team won 2 lost 2. Girls won 2 lost 1. Colebridge C beating Wood Green B 4-2 was a great game – Harry Simcox and Luke Watson-Brown were very good on debut.
Nathaniel Saunders unbeaten on day 1. Jack Simcox also had a couple of sensational wins. Ben Rycroft Stanley also unbeaten.

National Cadet League
Nathaniel Saunders absent today as he was invited to train at Nottingham University with the best U13 players in England. Colebridge A unbeaten. Ben unbeaten again. Sophie unbeaten. Henry Belcher, Jack and Harry Simcox all unbeaten when fielded in the A team on rotation. B team won 3 lost 1, C team won 1 lost 2. D team won their last match 6-0 after losing their other 3.

Notable performances:
Ben – 15/15
Nathaniel – 8/8
Jack Simcox beat a 2 times Birmingham Schools U16 finalist 3-0 amongst others.
Harry Simcox beat England U13 no.6 Megan Jones. Amazing performance.

All were impeccably well behaved and did Colebridge proud. A very tough weekend but totally worth it. Well done all.

A special thank you for a great turn out from parents and support from  Yoni Ehrlich and  Lisa Rinnhofer  on Saturday.