Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Match report by Neil Wheatley

A Close Encounter of the Third Kind!

The semi-final of the B/R League’s Field & Sons Cup competition produced the season’s third contest between Division 2’s top teams, Colebridge and Barnt Green Panthers, who met at Bentley last evening.

Once again, it was a very competitive match which was eventually decided in the penultimate set. Colebridge’s main man this time was Awais, whose determination to put behind him the two losses incurred in the recent league match, saw him out hit all three of his opponents.

Farooq’s lack of practice produced 3 topsy turvy sets with his amazing strikes missing the table rather more than usual, but he still managed the two sets needed for victory, losing only to Julian Barnes. Unfortunately John could not repeat his league victories despite battling bravely.

The final is to be played on 24th April, also at Bentley, our opponents being Bentley Arrows.