Awais leads The Great Awakening

Match report by Neil Wheatley. 

Matches between teams fighting to avoid relegation are usually tight and none could have been more so than Chiefs home match against St. George’s D last night. After 3hours 20 minutes and 43 games, Chiefs emerged with a hard earned 7-3 victory.   

Of the 6 sets that went the full distance, 5 were concluded 11-9, 4 in Chiefs’ favour, 2 by Neil and 1 each by John and Awais. Neil’s third set was also very close, the home skipper defeating the hard hitting Andy Caine 11-9, 11-9, 16-14. John, who unlike Neil had beaten Caine in the away fixture, was unlucky to be on the wrong end of an 11-7 final game result this time, but fought well to defeat Richard Grover in 5.  

Awais has proved to be an excellent replacement for the injured Mike Credland, his two wins against  Caine and Grover, demonstrating that he is quick to learn from his experience at this level. He also teamed up with Neil and contributed greatly to their 13-11, 11-1, 12-10 doubles win over Caine and the visitors No. 1, Mark Rose. Phew!!