A dazzling display on Bonfire Night.

A dazzling display on Bonfire Night

Colebridge , The Theatre of Dreams , has turned into The Grand Guignol for Bournville G. 

The early season Division One dark horses have visited Colebridge twice , and each occasion has resulted in defeat. 

In Colebridge Eagles they encountered a team in no mood to take prisoners , fielding what was arguably their strongest team , they dropped only two matches all evening , resulting in an 8-2 final score line. 

A tame doubles performance saw the pairing of Oliver and Credland unable to take the game to Bournville. 

Bernard Oliver also lost to individual contender Jerzey Kucharek , at 11-9 in the fifth end , in what was a thrilling match to watch. The Kucharek forehand eventually prevailing over the Rottweilers propensity for furious flat hitting. 

It was also a pleasure to welcome back Mrs Pat Oliver as The Eagles No. 1 fan,  after an episode of poor health ; the half time refreshments which the Olivers so thoughtfully provide , were very welcome.