AGM 2014

“Football Fever ” was endemic at Colebridges 4th Annual General Meeting on Thursday June 12th. 

This was illustrated by the number of empty seats at the proceedings , and the astonishing alacrity with which the items on the agenda were processed by the members and committee.

The meeting concluded at 8.30 , which must be a record , leaving plenty of time for the other “beautiful game”. 

Martin George was elected as Honorary Secretary , and present officers were re-elected.

A £5 per annum increase in membership fees was approved , across the board. 

The most convivial part of the evening was the presentation of the awards , which also saw two new additions to the Honours Boards.

Inky Moss was added to the Members Board for his many years of service to Colebridge , and to table tennis , locally. Particular attention was drawn to his contribution toward the PingBrum! initiative in recent years.

Ian Ferguson cited the distinguished playing record of Kate Hughes , at local and national level. A compendium of achievement of considerable spectrum , ranging between two counties , an England cadet , and Masters , career , and breaking into The Senior Women’s Top 20 in England only last year. A remarkable record for someone whose best years may yet be ahead of her. Her place on The Players Board is well deserved , as is her dual award of Senior Player Of The Year , though it would churlish not to mention Ed Lynn and his individual title in The Birmingham Premier league last Winter. 

Lisa Rinnhofer was recognized as Young Player Of The Year , for her progress during the past year , one of the many highlights of which is becoming Warwickshire Under 16 Champion , at the age of only 14. 

Sam Henderson , after last seasons Young Player Of The Year award , this year received the Young Member Of The Year , for his contribution to Colebridge activities both on and off the table. 

Pete Roddy and his many hours of voluntary work , maintaining the infrastructure of the club ; whether that be painting , removal of debris from guttering , and the infinite list of jobs small and large he undertakes to keep a club of Colebridge’s age in good condition , was recognized with the inaugural award of Club Member Of The Year.