Match report by Brian Morris.

West MidlandsPolice 7, Colebridge Dinosaurs 3.


The latest Bond film failed to get an Oscar and so did the Dinosaurs, losing 7-3 to the Police and experiencing their own skyfall.

At least Jim Connor, the man with the golden bat, tarnished the reputation of Paul Ducros by winning in four and then disposing  of David Ameghino in three.

Landscaper Dan Ranford dug out Dinosaurs one point beating Dean Opbroek in four, but .

Brian M’s contribution was that of taxi driver, shaken not stirred, although he was a tad unlucky in his game against Ameghino, losing 13-11 in the 5th.

Dinosaurs, with two defeats on the trot, are now in free fall.

Dinosaurs are forever- but now need a golden gun to get them back on course