Colebridge – 1,000 year dynasty?

COLEBRIDGE Aces are in prime position to regain the Premier Division title in the Birmingham League at the halfway stage of the season.

 Amann Ubhi, Ed Lynn and Navinder Mattharu have ensured that Aces have won all their games, but current champions Ha\mtead A and Hamstead B both provided a stern challenge.

  Ubhi suffered a heavy defeat to former Birmingham and Warwickshire champion Radek Mylnarczyk of Hamstead B, but otherwise has an unblemished record.

 The Acocks Green teenager is the most promising player to emerge in the city since the legendary Ian Ferguson 20 years ago, who is the youngsters coach and mentor.

 Ferguson and club leader Neil Wheatley are pulling the Colebridge strings in the background, with the club set to dominate in the city for the next decade.

 Amit Ubhi, Lee Holtham and Rajinder Davsi took time to get used to life in the top flight for Colebridge Braves, along with Worcestershire No 1 Kate Hughes, but they are starting to gain some excellent wins.

 There is a production line of youngsters also coming through, so for anyone to challenge the Shirley based club, they will need to recruit from outside the area.

 Shottery A are strong favourites to win the Stratford League, with a strong squad comprising Gary Stewart, Gary Poole, Steve Foster and John Price.

 Stewart remains as consistent as ever and is the one to beat for the individual crown.

 Current champions Stratford Town are not competing this season and were replaced by another side from the Henley club.

 Solihull based West Warwickshire are represented by Alison Stewart, Colin Bishop and Andy Rowland.

 Former Birmingham League player Charlie Loh represents Littleton, who have a thriving club.

 Loh is the nephew of current China national coach Liu Guilong, who is a former world champion.

 In the latest round of matches Shottery stay top following an 8-2 victory over Henley A, with Henley’s Mike Evetts having a terrific battle with Stewart before losing in the deciding game.